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“Please don’t keep Petals & Stems a secret from your friends. Do them a favor. Most customers think everyone has a Florist. Sadly, the majority of people don’t. When you’re talking with your friends about flowers, gifts and parties, please feel free to mention Petals & Stems and give them a chance to meet us. Maybe we can help them as much as we helped you.”

Top Ten Reasons to Order from a "Real" Local Florist


1. Ensure Maximum Value

  • Save on extra service fees by cutting out the middleman.

2. Speak Directly To The Florist Who Is Filling Your Order

  • Find out what flowers and plants are in stock, what looks particularly good, or whether any blooming plants may be planted outdoors later.
  • Have a custom design created to your specifications.

3. Communicate Special Requests Directly

  • Does the recipient have any favorite flowers? Any dislikes?
  • Should the recipient be called prior to delivery?
  • Is the recipient hard of hearing, or slow answering the door?
  • Is one entrance better than another?

4. Select Additional Gift Items

  • Many flower shops also carry unique gift lines, such as candy, potpourri, figurines, plush animals or candles, which can be added to your order or sent independently.

5. Get Same-Day Delivery - If Possible

  • By phoning the local florist directly, find out if same-day delivery is possible. Calling early improves the chances.

6. Pay Accurate and Appropriate Delivery Charges - No More, No Less

  • Pay the right local delivery fee without having it deducted from the value of your order.
  • A delivery to a location close to the shop may not cost as much as one farther away. Only the local florist knows.
  • Some locations, such as gated communities or certain businesses may require an additional charge.

7. Familiarity With Local Delivery Regulations

  • Hospitals, funeral homes, schools and businesses may have delivery cut-off times or size limitations.
  • Hospitals in particular often limit the size, quantity, or types of balloons that can be delivered.

8. Familiarity With Local Funeral Customs

  • In some areas a standing spray of flowers is customary, while in others a basket of flowers is most appropriate.
  • In smaller towns, a local florist may know what has already been ordered or sent to the funeral, and can then help you choose something different.

9. Establish A Relationship With The Flower Shop For Future Orders

  • Join a mailing list for email newsletters or seasonal offers.
  • Many shops offer a reminder service for sending flowers at special occasions.

Only nine reasons, you ask? The tenth is simple and universal:

10. Everyone Loves To Receive Flowers!