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“Please don’t keep Petals & Stems a secret from your friends. Do them a favor. Most customers think everyone has a Florist. Sadly, the majority of people don’t. When you’re talking with your friends about flowers, gifts and parties, please feel free to mention Petals & Stems and give them a chance to meet us. Maybe we can help them as much as we helped you.”


Designed to promote flowers as a romance "must" in the 21st Century, this program includes a national survey of women and romance, and provides advice to men on the best ways to be romantic.

According to the survey, flowers are an easy and effective way to be romantic. Key findings include:

    • What women want their men to do to add romance to their lives:
      41%: Give or send her flowers unexpectedly
      32%: Cook dinner for the two of you
      10%: Write her a love song or poem
      8%: Watch a romantic movie together
      2%: Feed her grapes
    • 88% of women feel that flowers are a universal sign of romance.
    • Favorite times women enjoy receiving flowers:
      74%: No special reason at all
      15%: On a dating or marriage anniversary
      4%: Before an evening out to say "I can't wait"
      2%: After an evening out to say "thank you"
    • 91% of both men and women (they agree exactly) say that romance is important to a relationship.
    • 82% of women said they could be romanced by a man who is less than perfect.