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Direct Ship flowers

Just recently FTD's CEO, Mark Goldston mentions something about flowers that are shipped to the consumer in a box.

Please read below his comments:

Question: Many florist are concerned about the direct-ship business, which misses the florist entirely.

MG: ... "It is more special to get flowers from a florist that it is to get flowers overnight- shipped by Fed Ex. If you ever have a situation were the bouquet of flowers delivered from a florist does not look decidedly better than the flowers look when you open a box from the shipper, then the member florist has a problem"

Petals & Stems says:

What he is saying is that direct-ship, which is a part of their business, the quality is not there compared to a florist. I have lot's of customers who tell me about their direct ship experience, and I agree with Mark Goldston, the quality is poor, but they advertise their flowers are cut from the farm and sent to you right away. That is not the truth!!!