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Top 9 Random Reasons or Card Messages for Flowers Sent to Someone from Petals & Stems

  1. Card message: I know you're sad that the Cowboys lost... so here are some Cowboys flowers!   Love, Gabe
  2. Card Message: I sat next to you on Flight 83. Give me a call 555-555-5555.  David
  3. Customer: I need to send flowers to this lady at the bank. I have never said this  before, but for some reason I asked this lady when she would be having her baby. She looked at me and said, "I am not pregnant".
  4. Card Message:  Sorry that I hit your car this morning. It was nice meeting you and I would like to buy you a drink. I will call you soon. Max
  5. Recipient:  Hi, my name is Julie and I just received flowers from your shop from a guy named Aaron. Well, the thing is I am kind of seeing two Aarons. Can you tell me his last name?
  6. Customer: Hi, I would like to send flowers to a girl at a particular office. Her name is April. P&S: Okay, great. What is her last name?  Customer: I am not so sure what  her last name is. If there is more than one April at the office, it is the April who is really hot.
  7. Card Message: Happy Birthday!  Your other present is in your glove box.
  8. Card Message: I am sorry that I ate the cookie that was on your desk. It just looked so good.
  9. Customer: I would like to send flowers to this lady, but my guy friends say I should not admit to making a mistake or say I am sorry. What do you suggest?